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Stylitis-41/101 dataloggers now use Compact Flash memory cards.
Compact Flash memory cards offer a number of advantages over the older PCMCIA cards: Much larger Capacity, easy availability, card directory, etc.
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New Stylitis-50 datalogger
Most advanced datalogger for wind energy assessment.
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Price: CALL €
Manufacturer: SYMMETRON
Code: 002.010.0004

Symmetron Stylitis-10 is a stand-alone, battery-operated datalogger suitable for a wide variety of measurements.

- High reliability.

- 7 voltage /current /temperature / digital inputs.

- 1 or 2 counting inputs.

- Precision outputs: 2.5 V and 0.5 mA

- All inputs operate as outputs.

- Outputs change as a function of inputs.

- Sampling once per second.

- Average, Min, Max from 1 second to 1 hour.

- Recording in internal 4MB Flash memory.

- 2 serial ports.

- SMS alarm and data messages.

- Built-in Wireless Ethernet (WiFi) port.


-  Ch1 can be selected as analog input, in addition to counter

-  Bus sensors sampling is allowed from intervals as low as 1 second

-  Peripheral port: both RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces with auto detection are standard

-  Auto-detection of External PC connections to both ports

-  Ethernet version works as MODBUS TCP slave for SCADA integration

-  Ethernet version accepts Server IP numbers and names (i.e. 1.diameson.net)

-  Lower power consumption (average):

         -  0.5 mA (LCD off, modem off)

         -  5 mA (LCD off, modem ON, @12VDC)

-  Warm-up output option (powers up sensor a programmable interval before measurement

Click here for instructions on how to set the WiFi module in order for it to match with the access point to which you will connect it.

- Standard version
- GSM/GPRS modem version
- Ethernet version

For Documentation see: Stylitis-10.


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