A free service to present real-time and historical data of Symmetron data loggers on the World Wide Web, with plots and statistics for each measuring station.

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Stylitis-41/101 dataloggers now use Compact Flash memory cards.
Compact Flash memory cards offer a number of advantages over the older PCMCIA cards: Much larger Capacity, easy availability, card directory, etc.
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New Stylitis-50 datalogger
Most advanced datalogger for wind energy assessment.
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Opton 4

Price: FREE €
Manufacturer: SYMMETRON

Opton 4 is a Windows application designed for use with all Symmetron Stylitis dataloggers: Stylitis-10, Stylitis-20, Stylitis-41, Stylitis-101, Stylitis-50 and Stylitis-Power. Opton 4 replaces old Opton and Stylitis Explorer, adding new features such as better management of datalogger sites and connections, easy setup, files, etc management, via tabs, and easy sensor factor calculation. Moreover, there is a datalogger configuration guide and a detailed Opton 4 tour, in which you are guided step by step.

Opton 4 has been designed to streamline operations and allow users work with data as simply as possible. It can be used alone or with AutoConnect, Symmetron's automatic download software.

It features:

- Operation grouping in user friendly tabs and single-click selection of most operations.
- Graphical setup of datalogger, in tree or table form.
- Easy channel setup, via sensor library.
- Data organized in Windows folders with each folder representing a site.
- Built-in data viewer and graph.
- On-line plot.
- Offline data file management: graphs, statistics per hour, day, month, etc.
- Data retrieval and decompression via RS232, GPRS, Ethernet connections and GSM or PSTN modems.
- Built-in web server allows network computers access on-line data from Opton 4.
- Easier connection to the datalogger via the connection assistant.
- Info, warning and critical messages, concerning the datalogger's operation.
- Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7

For comprehensive Data, Equipment and Site management see Emmetron, Symmetron's database software.



Opton 4 v4.23 26/10/2017


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