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Stylitis-41: Deployment.

You have the following options:

Remote stand alone operation.

Very low power consumption makes the Stylitis family of dataloggers suitable for collecting data in remote, hard to reach locations.

You can leave the datalogger unattended for months or years, conditioning and recording input signals. Data may be stored in a removable (PCMCIA) memory card. Periodically, the memory card will be exchanged with an empty one. The card containing data is put in the office PC (equipped with a PCMCIA card drive to accept memory cards). Using the supplied software one can read the card and convert compressed data to ASCII text files organized in columns for further processing.

Connection to the datalogger may also be achieved with a portable PC. In this case, the data are transferred via the serial port.

To operate the datalogger as described above, use the free Stylitis Explorer software.

Remote off-line operation

A convenient method of data transfer is via the cellular GSM network. The supplied Stylitis Explorer software is used to access, program and download data from remote stations without leaving your office!

If you are not happy with Stylitis Explorer you may use the Stylitis ActiveX controls to build your own application in Visual Basic, VC++, LabView, etc.

On-line operation

In addition to storing real-time or statistically processed data in local storage, Stylitis dataloggers can simultaneously transmit real-time data to a host computer. This intelligent data acquisition front-end does not require that a host system is always up and running. Stored data may be downloaded when communication is convenient. On-line data are available when needed for supplementary storage, operation checking, demos, etc.

Connection between the datalogger and the host may be done using a serial cable, a modem (wired, RF or GSM) or a LAN. A COM port, a modem or an Ethernet adapter, respectively, is required on the PC.

Use the Stylitis ActiveX controls to develop your own application in VBasic, VC++, Labview, Excel, Access, etc.

Additional Information

How to develop your own software application.